Accursed Creator - Event Poster

A sign board in the city, the poster of two hands reaching towards each other, one from the bottom and one from the top. the text reads 'accursed creator'


Accursed Creator is a commentary on the ongoing search for man to create life. It was inspired by a story, whether it be true or not, about a robot that would be fueled by meat. There it the old school terror of robots taking over the world, doing something devastating, but to elevate it I had to take it a step further then just an AI. A Frankenstein has been defined as something that is pieced together, and really artificial intelligence is just bits and pieces of human consciousness added together.

I wanted to use as much ionic imagery as I could, Adam’s hand to God, the idea of Frankenstein as the symbol of what would come to pass, how that intelligence felt about being alive and created. The final touch is that the United States government would host this event. As a country that capitalizes on creation and new technology, who else would want to be the first to know what someone has cooked-or sewn, up?


Accursed was a process of trying out different styles. I began with trying a layered effect, that the hands would be layers and layers thick. After a while, it morphed into trying to use shapes to represent different parts of the hand, and then to a style where it was all simple shapes.

This worked well with the idea of creating something out of pieces, and the style of stained glass. I scanned in the illustration, traced it, and created the first version with typography.

first sketch of two hands reaching towards each other, one from the bottom and one from the top.
scanned version of sketch
black and white digital version


Accursed was a project that I could add a personal touch. I’ve read enough Ray Bradbury to know how this competition goes, and enough science fiction to know exactly how that intelligence feels.

This poster was a way to add in a bit of humor, poke a bit of fun at what was going on, and still have something that you’d see around the city.

poster mockup on the side of a building
close up of the poster text which reads- May 1st-12th 2020, The annual Frankenstein and Android Creation Contest
Three posters in different colour schemes. The first is a blue hand reaching to a red hand on a black background. The second is blue hands reaching towards each other on a gray background. The third is a mixture of purple, green and cream colours for both hands on a light grey background.