Sud West Vet - Branding Package


This is a project I worked on during my internship with LOKI. The logo and concept was created by Kevin, and it was approved before I arrived. I worked on the accompanying pieces to finish up the project.

After my internship was complete, I created a digital component to expand the brand and explore how it could change as an online form.


The process was a straight forward one, I would create the cards or notepads, it was checked over by Kevin and then sent to the client for approval.


This was a sweet and welcoming project to start off my internship with! It was a great refresher on clients and a reminder of how working for a client means that sometimes, you really do have to change the layout back to the way it was before just without the spaces.

digital mockups of supposed apps
the appointment cards
all the components, a vaccine card, a business card and a prescription pad.