Big Red - Magazine Layout


This piece was inspired by newsprint layouts. I love the idea of having a magazine, which usually makes great use of the space, and a newspaper that takes up every inch possible, and reversing it. The layout was based on being overwhelmed. The articles chosen are all topics that, without prior knowledge or seeking further knowledge on the topic can leave an overwhelmed reader.

The titles and pull quotes reflect that, pulling the most horrifying and out of context lines into the spotlight. The overall idea was to use this layout for a series of unrelated articles, and have it work together and cope with each articles need.


I used Futura for the titles and copy, and because of its wonderful even tendencies, I was able to fully justify the type without fighting the font or columns. I used ITC Century for pull quotes, headings and other little details.

The most interesting part was the colour. I used PANTONE 1788 C in order to allow transparency. This would increase the readability of the body copy over-top of the title or quote.

Moodboard, named 'big words for a little man'
A close up of the grid that I used for the layout
A close up of the working type


Overall, this piece was a joy to work on. I’ve yet to print it on a sheet of newsprint, but I look forward to it! This piece fulfilled the desire to make something obnoxiously large and bold, and something that demanded attention no matter what article was in place.

I created a mini website to expand the piece, to show how the type and layout works across multiple platforms. Following the grid, it creates the harmony of a print piece, but the versatility of online news.

Spread 1 of the layout.
a newspaper lies on a wooden table. several folded newspapers lie on-top of it.
a multi platform mockup of the possiblr website