Inferno Production Company - Branding Package

The inferno logo on a background of a volcano


Inferno is a conceptual production company for young designers and producers to create the movies and documentaries that they lack funding for. Inferno began in the idea of Dante's Inferno, and the concept of how one can progress to the 'heaven' of a final product.

The logo is based on the symbolism of volcanoes, and how they bring about renewal and changer within the landscape, and encourage new growth in fertile and rich soil. Inferno is meant to nurture young creative people in their journey to creating the works that they are so passionate about.


The goal of this company is to attract the next generation of film makers. I wanted to convey the decadence of colour and life that they would want to see in these new films, as well as the the playful and creative nature of young creators.

I used ITC Serif Gothic Std as the main font for the brand, which creates a playful tone. Formata is the secondary copy font for any publications. The logo is an 'i', abstracted to a melting circle, a symbol of renewal and timelessness.

A rough sketch of the logo
the colour palette
the logo


The final brand needed to be effective in drawing in young creators, and keeping a company that financially supports them in business. I kept it to spot colours and a letter head that could work for any employee, as well as a card that could be easily changed for any name or number. I kept a playful logo sticker for the envelopes, something that could be given away at events, screenings, or become an iconic symbol for creators to carry with them.

Overall, the goal of this project was to create a cohesive brand package. I had pieces from previous projects that needed to be reworked and refreshed, and once the initial sketches and research had been done, the brand took on a life of its own. It became far beyond what I initially expected, and with a firm critique it was pushed to a far better product.

brochure example
movie poster with the inferno branding
full branding package